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Hello, I’m Shelly, the Pre-School Leader at Grimsthorpe Day Nursery. I’m working with a brilliant team of experienced, qualified and dedicated Nursery Practitioners. We have lots of fun and laughter in our room as we prepare our Pre-School children for their next exciting step up to primary school or 'big school' as the children refer to it!  Our role is immensely rewarding and we are all proud to be part of our children’s journeys, helping them to become more confident, independent and able to reach their full potential.  

During their time with us we support every child with planned activities, tailored to suit their individual needs and interests. To achieve this, we use the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. These key areas are underpinned by the excellent facilities we have available in the Pre-school room and the freedom to explore the magnificent grounds at Grimsthorpe Castle. The amazing array of beautiful outdoor space on our doorstep provides a wealth of opportunities for stimulating inquisitive young minds and promoting creativity and imagination. This magical, safe, outdoor classroom and natural playground forms an integral part of the children’s activities throughout the year – whatever the weather! These activities, combined with the many opportunities our children have to challenge themselves contributes towards the building of their confidence, growing their self-esteem and developing their independence.


We are one of the smaller, more focused settings in the area offering a maximum of 16 spaces for 3-4 year olds per-day. This approach helps the children to form close bonds and friendships with both the team and each other. The whole team really relish the opportunity of spending quality time with each and every child during activities and work groups, helping to make these sessions deeply engaging, memorable and fun! 

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