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The experience of coming to Pre-School is often a child’s first venture outside of the family and home. We aim to create an atmosphere of security, happening and well being for all children as this is a pre-requisite for their successful learning.

This is a time when the children will start to build relationships with each other and with other adults. It is crucial that the child's personal, social and emotional needs are met at this age. Our children are given the opportunity to develop their independence whilst at the same time being given the support and help they still need. A variety of activities covering all areas of learning are available with an emphasis on encouraging children to make their own choices and decisions. 

We believe that children learn from everything around them – the environment, the routine, the atmosphere, and the people.

We have a number of different rooms to suit your child's age. Please follow the links below for more information:

Baby Room, Nursery Room, Pre-School, Red Deer Rangers and Forest School.

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