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COVID-19 procedures and guidelines

Below are the procedures that we have implemented at the setting to minimise the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Government and the Early-Years Learning Alliance have set out clear guidelines for all early-years settings, and these guidelines form the procedural basis on which we will be re-opening.

In consideration of these guidelines, the following measures will be implemented throughout the setting in order to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission:

  • At the start of the day children will be organised into small groups, or “bubbles” as we like to call them! (We will also limit the amount of close interaction play, adhering to the two-metre rule as much as possible. However, as the government guidelines note, distancing will be undertaken in a manner that is practical for the early years and maintains the happiness and security of our children.)

  • We will be holding all activities outdoors unless it’s absolutely impossible to do so.

  • We’re very lucky to have such a wide array of beautiful open spaces on our doorstep and we intend to make the most of them during this time. We have installed a series of outdoor shelters incase of inclement weather, we’ll only be going indoors when absolutely necessary.

  • Hand-washing and face-washing will be a regular occurrence every day. We will be making a game out of washing and will make sure this is done both regularly and effectively. The children will also be encouraged to support one another and learn about the benefits of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

  • No staff member will be allowed to enter any room without washing their hands and sanitising beforehand. Hand-sanitisers have been installed outside of each room for staff to access at all times.

  • All staff members will be provided with “child-friendly” PPE for their use.

  • Resources will be regularly cleaned throughout the day. No soft toys will be used at this time, the only toys and resources that will be available to the children will be those that allow for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

All of the above is in-line with Government and Early-Years Learning Alliance

guidelines and are accompanied by a rigorous, internally compiled risk-assessment. We will keep you abreast of any changes to the risk-assessment or general policy / procedure.

When it comes to pickup and drop-off time we have a separate set of procedures

which are outlined below:

  • We kindly request that ONE PARENT / GUARDIAN ONLY arrive to drop-off and collect their children. The drop-off / collection point will be clearly marked for your arrival, please maintain the 2m distance rule at all times. Only staff members are allowed to touch the entry / exit gates.

  • We will be taking each child’s temperature upon arrival with a non-contact thermometer. If your child has a temperature we will not be able to allow them into the setting until further notice. Children should not be attending if they show any signs of illness, we will not be able to administer any medication so please don’t allow your child to attend the setting if they are feeling unwell.

In addition to the above I also want to outline some more general information

that it is important you are aware of:

  • Please make sure that your child brings weather appropriate clothing and a clearly name-labelled water bottle. We will provide snacks throughout the day but please also ensure that your child brings and a name-labelled and cooled lunch pack.

  • Children will be encouraged to take care of their own belongings so please bear this in mind when packing your child up for the day.

  • The Government are offering testing for any child that develops symptoms of Covid-19. Any child that returns a negative result is safe to return to the setting, however, a positive result will mean that they, along with their household and all of the staff members and children they came into contact with, must also self isolate for the recommended period of 14 days. For an up-to-date list of Covid-19 symptoms please check the Government or NHS website.

  • The room telephone numbers are temporarily out of use, therefore please direct any phone-calls via the office number: 01778 591455. Alternatively you can email us at:

We’re fully aware that these are extraordinary times and that your children returning

to the setting may be a daunting feeling, for both you and them. I hope, however, that

you feel reassured by the procedures and actions outlined above and also by our strict

commitment to base all of our activities on Government guidance. Whilst nobody can

ever offer a 100% guarantee against the contraction of Covid-19, we have done

absolutely everything in our power to implement a practical working methodology

that greatly minimises risk and keeps everybody as safe as possible.

As always, if you have any queries or comments on anything outlined above then

please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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