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Forest School

Hello, I’m Annie Mclean and I am the Forest School Leader. Our Forest school is set in the amazing grounds of the Grimsthorpe Castle Estate. During a session, children are given the opportunity to play and learn holistically in an outside environment. We use our beautiful surroundings, the weather and the sounds of nature to enhance and stimulate learning. 


Learning that takes place in an outdoor environment is much more powerful and memorable as it is a more sensory experience. Forest School helps children develop through a child-led approach and teaches them how to assess risks for themselves, whether it be using tools for a purpose, creating a fire to keep warm or building a shelter. They are supported in this by the Forest School Leader (Shelley) and her Assistants, learning within small groups to help create a safe, supportive environment. At Forest School we believe every child is valued and their individual input is vital. We work as a team, respecting and treating each other fairly and as equals, this helps children to embrace teamwork as an integral part of the pursuit to achieve their goals


This holistic approach encourages children to work together at a deeper level, where imaginations can thrive. Children can grow their self-esteem and develop the desire to understand, learn and respect the natural world.

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