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Baby Room

Hello there, I’m Gemma Rouse Leader of the Baby Room. I have one of the best jobs at Edenham Pre-school - let me share with you why!  Firstly, I work with a brilliant team of experienced and qualified Nursery Practitioners, who all have a wealth of knowledge, unlimited enthusiasm and a mountain of love for our babies and the job they do. Secondly, our Baby Rooms are small and intimate providing a warm, stimulating ‘home from home’ environment where our precious babies feel safe and secure. Finally, but most importantly, it’s the satisfaction of knowing we have been an integral part of our babies’ development, supporting and guiding them as they explore and learn life skills, creating a solid foundation for life.

The Baby room is well equipped with all home comforts and a raft of stimulating toys and resources to inspire and engage our babies, helping them to better understand the world around them. This extends to the outdoors too and we regularly take our babies out into the stunning grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle. Here our babies can connect with nature through an exploration of the woodlands and green spaces, spotting lots of wildlife along the way!

Grimsthorpe Day Nursery is an enchanting and unique Early Years Setting and the Baby Room provides an unrivalled start to a child’s journey with us.

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